Frequently asked questions

Can the application be done over the phone?

Yes, we are able to complete the whole process from interview through to application and completion over the telephone and internet.

Do you provide advice on risk insurance and are the products you offer fully underwritten?

Yes, the service I offer is with advice and all products are fully underwritten at the time of application. You will receive a Statement of Advice prior to completing the application so you have a detailed report to refer to any time.

What are the benefits of paying for my policy through Superannuation?

The benefits of paying for your policy through superannuation is that the premiums don’t impact on your living expenses.

Why do I need to get medicals done?

The policies are underwritten at application stage to ensure you are paying for a tailor made policy designed just for you and a smooth claims process should the need to claim arise. The underwriter will assess the application and may request medicals, blood test and reports are completed prior to making a decision. It is not always necessary to have any extra tests / reports done in order for a decision to be made.

How much cover do I need?

When deciding on the level of cover needed it is important to look at a number of factors including current debt levels, salary, investments, family circumstances and age. The level of cover will vary from one individual to another which is why we believe in fact finding and getting to know each of our clients.