Striking it Right: Achieving Work Life Balance

Work/life balance is something many of us continuously strive for but rarely feel we achieve. Here are some simple tips to help you on your way.

One of the reasons many New Year resolutions go unfulfilled is that we rarely take the time to think clearly about the result we want to achieve. You could call it ‘the ultimate outcome.

1. Look after your health: Recognise the signs of imbalance, such as stress and fatigue, and respond to them accordingly. A balanced diet, regular exercise and sufficient sleep can help you to remain healthy and happy.

2. Manage your time: Time management doesn’t just happen; it requires both planning and effort. You can begin by prioritising all tasks and concentrating on those that are most important. Using deadlines and giving yourself rewards can also help to keep you on track.

3. Learn to say ‘no’: Next time you are asked to take on more than you can handle, or work back late, don’t be afraid to say no. Delegation is another useful skill, so consider getting the kids to help out with the housework, or ask for a colleague’s help to shoulder the work burden.

4. Investigate flexible employment options: Opportunities such as flexible working hours and the option to work from home may be offered by your employer. If you want to negotiate a flexible working arrangement, be sure to explain to your employer the benefits to the organisation.

5. Take time out for yourself: If you don’t look after yourself, no-one else will. Allocate sufficient time in your week for ‘me time’. It can improve your wellbeing, as well as your relationship and your career. If you regularly each lunch at your desk, decide to go to the closest park or a quiet space instead, even if you only do it three days a week. Your afternoons will be far more productive.

6. Use your leave: If you’re feeling run-down, don’t hesitate to use any leave entitlements owing to you. That old saying “change is as good as a holiday” is rubbish! There’s nothing as good as a holiday than a holiday! You will return reinvigorated and far better focused.

7. Embrace technology: Technology can help you to become more efficient, for example, by ordering groceries online, which can free up valuable time to spend doing the important things in life. However, technology can also be a time-waster, so make sure you stay in control of how much personal “screen time” you have every day.

With focus and discipline you can achieve your own work/life balance.

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